YAMAHA R1 Picture Modification

Yamaha R1 Modification

Yamaha R1 Wallpaper

List of YAMAHA R1 Modifications:

Graves Ti Exhaust w/ CF slip-ons
Graves Rear Sets
Graves Frame Sliders
Galfer Wavy Rotors F/R
Galfer Steel Braided Break Lines
CRG Roll-A-Click levers
Ohlin’s Rear Suspension
Ohlin’s Steering Dampener
GYTR Solo Seat
DynoJet PCIII / Tuned by L7 Motorsports
BMC Race Filter
A&R HID Light Kit
Custom LED Tail Light
Hot Bodies Flush Mount Turn Signals
EK Double Gold Chain
Driven rear Sprocket +3
PUIG Windscreen
Carbon Fiber Works Rear Hugger
Custom one-off fender eliminator kit.



Difficult if the trail is so-mania. So, a while modification workshop Gandul 2Wheel Custom (G2WC) menyodorkan design Aprilia SMV 750, Helmy Hermansyah agree at Honda GL Pro Neo Tech own changed like that. Previously, residents who live in the complex marine copy Jaya Baru, Depok, this already have a Suzuki TS125 trail dirombak be RM125.

Wardoyo's claim to be given the freedom G2WC reorganize motor so SuperMoto and options that fit SMV 750. Although the concept is similar to diaplikasi not, he attempted to a similarity. Indeed, it looks like in the middle order which was formed from seamless pipe sizes 1 / 2 inches made intersect.

"Sasis middle flank tank while the body is made of a sheet," said Wardoyo. According to him, the framework of this pipe is also made to sustain the back body (made from a plate integrates with sepatbor).

To Suspensi, is part of the global trends with the monoshock system. Only, Wardoyo not follow the SMV model 750 is in the right order. Here, he put it exactly in the middle get comfortable because daily use.

On the foot-feet, Wardoyo must work a little harder because the owners still want to use the default standard for the shock of the front. The solution, in order to display adapter iron plus high. Then, the middle be rubber shock Suzuki TS to better contain.

Once the swing arm, at least more of the original thick. How, given the original plate using a condom. At the center of the trap are given arm that is similar to the Aprilia. The result, though without the components of waste, can also look.



Kawasaki KSR is the most popular in Japan and Thailand mini motard. Its’ weight is 85 kilos only (Ducati Hypermotard, for example, weigh about 180 kilos), seat height is 750 mm only (Ducati Hypermotard have 845 mm seat height). Of course, KSR has small, 110 cc engine. And it has very good option for newbies – it’s half-automatic. Means, you can switch gears, but you don’t need to care about clutch.

KSR has only one problem – comparing to usual Thai bikes, it’s not so useful for everyday life. Stock bike even hasn’t footsteps for a passenger. Of course, you can equip bike for carrying a passenger or a luggage, but not a passenger and a luggage in the same time! And it’s totally imposible to carry same amount of luggage that Thai scooter is able to carry.



Reasonable if 1998 Yamaha Vega made Johny Lipurnomo this motorcycle is the winner as The Best in the Region II event Yamaha Mofest modification Contest II in Bandung, West Java. Soalnya, many home owners do innovation Custom World this modification.

Most striking, drastically changes the form of a duck from the original model to be Transformers. Glance, this modification merely ditopang component variations. But, the challenge for Johny dijajal the extreme, including stoppie.

Another breakthrough, the system Suspensi monoshock with the position of the arm swing to the left. Similarly sokbreker future single. Design under the bar (the top) with a slope angle of 55 degrees. Lower part is in the front fork.

Interestingly again, Johny so the variations in the components as vital components. Try to note, foostep to Jupiter MX135 as swing arm, fork (buffer shock breker front) and standard saddle (middle bar).

Johny consideration, strong foostep underbone not material and thickness more than 8 mm. Hold, and material of aluminum alloy. "It was seen as fleeting. Ketebalannya I have added so strong," said Johny.


HONDA SUPRA X 125 Specification :

Body :
- Color metalic red + white phospor + Pernis by Sikkens

Legs :
- Front and Rear Whell (zigen 17")
- Front Tyre (Commet Tyre) 50/70/17
- Rear Tyre (commet Tyre) 60/70/17
- Front ShockBreaker (LHK)
- Rear Shockbreaker (ohlins upside down)
- Brake Master (nissin)
- Brake Kaliper (brembo 2 piston)
- Sing Arm (Yoshimura)

Accessories :
- Rear Lamp (honda vario)
- Fuel indicator
- Rpm indicator
- Muffler (Termignoni)

Owner : Maulana Mirza (Jl.Semeru VII/M-8,Jember,083853541088,085236087898)
Chrome : Villa Chrome (Villa Tegal Besar E-07,Jember,0331-7852752,08883621111)






When running, the motor difficult to guess what it is? Even if the logo can be captured in the gas tank, you definitely take the Yamaha. Yes, the Yamaha, but what? You guess, the Yamaha V-ixion because the tank.

Indeed, from Irfandi workshop 2XP modify the motor is the Yamaha V-ixion tank. Indeed, the basis for this motor is the type of duck from the Yamaha Jupiter MX 135LC, and to change the sex this motor, Irfandi not MOGE waste a lot of wear or cut sasis there.

Foots original
"Not order to have a cut-cut, the original is still maintained," a builder from Pontianak, West Kalimantan. Fair play with the fiber material, the back of the constrained to ride, plus an additional body. So if you want to return to the standard, can be easily done.

The front is enhanced so sturdy. As sokbreker native, was replaced with the Ohlins Thailand, including the disk plate is replaced and a larger model racing. For the main variation is not, but have taken Suzuki Spin 125.

Loop motor so sturdy, in addition to tanks, but also because of the addition deltabox. "This use of waste Aprilia, but without damage to body bolt on the principle," the man from the city proud this Equator. Installation is not difficult, only relying on two bolts, one above and one below. Its position is still using the original bolt hole (to the right) because the top of the hole using the key contacts and bolts from underneath Footstep.

For the foot-feet, Irfandi many still use the original, except the front, Ohlins use, while still the standard swing arm. According Irfandi, is the only ditambahi especially for the plate holder under shock. Meanwhile, the monoshock is still the default standard.

Because sex has been changed, the tires would not want to use a more wide. Use front wheel size 2.15 inches, while the rear with 3.5 inches in circumference 17 inches. Variations of selected rims Tiger Sprint brand.

Carefulness in work Irfandi appear in the exhaust system. He design the model with two muffler and both work a track in the middle of the parsed. Besides changing sex, Irfandi this paper can be spelled out so perfect.



Yamaha Jupiter z Picture Modification

Yamaha Jupiter z Simple Modified

Yamaha Jupiter z Black color Modify

Yamaha Jupiter z Coolest airbrush Modification

Yamaha Jupiter z Future Modification

Motor duck changed so skutik, but bodinya bongsor (large). However, the duet from Johanes Hanafi home modification and X-16 tomy tomy Gunawan's Airbrush reorganize the Yamaha Jupiter-Z is named as the works of their Next-G. Shape almost similar to the jetski.

The concept of Next-G be regarded unique. There are two jobs created both before large Jupiter-Z model so Next-G. According to John, a body's affairs responsibilities, while the engine been tomy. Basically, they work with.

John recognized that the body swell Jupiter is not easy. Breket that have kept the original and some are strengthened, especially the front and back of the body must be calculated so that the scooter can go big.

After that, the body construction grip front nose dimensions changed because Next-G is sharp and wide. How to apply also to time use the back. Dipapas order and re-designed according to the length and width dimensions of the middle and back.

Not to connect with the right angle plate so that the burden of a new tail can be arrested. Change how the body enggak refer to Next-G. To note, that the transmission system been tomy. When the engine start, automatic cash teeth into one. Unfortunately, when asked to kru's X-16 tomy and nothing can explain how to operate the gear shift Next-G.


HONDA CBR 600RR Picture Modification

HONDA CBR 600RR Wallpaper Modification

HONDA CBR 400RR Repsol Themes Modified

Honda CBR400RR with CBR600body kit Repsol Theme



Bajaj Pulsar 180cc India Bike Sport Modification

Bajaj Pulsar 180cc Sport Modification

Bajaj Pulsar 180cc Modification

Bajaj Pulsar 180cc Data Modification:
Velg | GSX 400 Rim with Tires Rear: 150 front 110
Arm back GSX 400
Home body: Standard Pulsar 180
Tail: GSX1000R Under + Cover + Tail Rear seat cover
Body frame: Standard

Bajaj Pulsar 180cc Picture

Bajaj Pulsar DTSi has a throttle-actuated ignition control system that works together with a chip-controlled digital capacitor discharge ignition system and this gives accurate ignition time under any condition that in turn optimizes the load-bearing capacity of the engine. The dual-spark design accelerates and evens out flame propagation resulting in more efficient combustion and thereby resulting in a greater performance. The newly designed exhaust complies with the EURO 2005 norms. The 180cc engine of Pulsar delivers maximum power of 16.5bhp @ 8000 rpm and a torque of 15.22Nm @6000 rpm. ExhausTEC technology improves torque of the engine. The engine is powered to carry higher loads.

New & Upgraded Bajaj Pulsar 180cc Features:

- Tank Scoops from the Pulsar 200cc
- 37mm fork assembly at the front
- Black theme is applied in the new pulsar 180cc. (From Forks to engine to rear suspension is matted with matte black finish)
- Split Seat and split grab rail for the new pulsar 180cc like its second big brother Pulsar 200cc
- New pulsar 180cc borrows the box section swingarm from its elder sibling pulsar 220cc
- Larger forks at the front and box section swingarm at the rear means more fun for hardcore bikers
- The DTS-i engine (no fuel injection) now generates slightly more power. The power output of new pulsar 180cc is 17.02PS at 8500rpm compared to the earlier 16.5bhp at 8000rpm
- New pulsar 180cc has a wheelbase of 145mm which means 25mm longer than the current one
- Kick lever is thrown out and ignition is only through battery in the new pulsar 180cc
- New pulsar 180cc also gets a new rear sprocket and the O-ring chain
- Clip-on handlebar in the new pulsar 180cc to take on the likes of apache RTR
- New pulsar 180cc gets larger 120 section tyre at the rear which is sure to help your wheelie

Modifikasi Yamaha Scorpio

Yamaha Scorpio Picture

New Scorpio is Star Sign for Yamaha

There’s a new star on the horizon, a motorcycle that blends style with substance and economy with reliability.

And you don’t have to be Mystic Meg to know that the new Scorpio is rising out of the Yamaha stable.

Combining genuine sporting appeal and real world usability the Yamaha Scorpio not only has the user friendliness and practicality to keep new riders happy, it also has enough performance to entertain more experienced riders.

The combination of a newly developed strong and reliable four-stroke SOHC engine, lightweight chassis, super responsive steering and easy-to-use controls makes the Scorpio a breeze for new riders.

Plus with the ability to turn on a five cent piece, enough power to beat the four-wheelers away from the lights and a miserly appetite for fuel, the Scorpio makes an excellent urban commuter.

Features include powerful front disc brake, electric and kick start operation, easy to read tacho and speedo incorporating a fuel gauge, slick shifting five speed gearbox and plush dualseat with passenger grab-rail.

And if features, style, and substance aren’t enough to float your boat there's one more fantastic feature - the $4499 retail price.

And This is the Yamaha Scorpio Modification Picture:



YAMAHA VIXION 2008 Modify Specification:

Motor: 2008 Yamaha Vixion
Body Modification:
- Floatation tank: condom model yamaha R6
- Fairing front: Yamaha R1 + R1 model costum the original
- Tail GSX 1000
- Spakboard background model FZ1
- Spakboard custom front


- Front shock: Upside down thailand
- Handlebar clip: GSX400
- Disc width PSM
- Footstep front + rear brake master: Gsx400
- Footstep back: Scorpio
- Custom Knalpot


SUZUKI THUNDER Modified Picture

SUZUKI THUNDER Engine, Muffler, and Rims View

SUZUKI THUNDER Modification Detail:

1. Home lights, Fog lights used Toyota Avanza.
2. Lights sein, replica CBR 600 cc.
3. back Lights, use the Jupiter MX.
4. Sparboard future, the variations (latest release).
5. Disk Brake front rim Rochell default.
6. velg|Rims ring width of 17 ", brand Rochell.
7. Disk Brake Rear AFM large diameter.
8. Kaliper back 1 piston Brembo front kaliper & original gift Thunder.
9. Nissin rear brake master,
10. Iss Monoshock with a special system for motor unitrack trial / trail.
11. Material Costom fuel tank
12. Costom exhaust Abenx have (model termighoni / Moto GP)
13. Arm swing, have a genuine Tigi
14. Horn costum.

Kawasaki Ninja 250R Racing Modification

Kawasaki Ninja 250R Racing Modification Picture

Spec detail of Kawasaki Ninja 250R Racing Modification:

*A-Tech Undecowl
*A-Tech Side Mirror
*Bridgestone Batlax BT 016 Front 120/70-17
*Bridgestone Batlax BT 016 Rear 150/60-17
*Factory Pro Jetting Kit Blue
*Galfer Brake Lines Front
*Galfer Brake Lines Rear
*Hyper Pro Steering Damper CSC series
*Hyper Pro Steering CNC Damper Kit
*Hyper Pro Front Fork Progressive Spring Kit
*Hyper Pro Rear 3D Progressive ShockBreaker
*Harris Grip
*Intuitive Frame Sliders
*MRA bubble windshield
*Matsumoto Handle Bar V3
*Nassert Beet Rear Arm Plate kit
*Pitstop's Single Seater
*DNA Air Filter
*Yoshimura Full System Stainless Steel Exhaust
*Busi iridium NGK Racing
*Dashboard Carbon
*Side Cover Carbon



Vario Techno CBS sold with the price15.5 million rupiahs. Impressed indeed expensive, but from the features offered, such as liquid cooled and Combi brake (braking ease and set the brake distribution) to the exchange rate for this New product from AHM. Compared with the practical Vario Mio Soul Techno CBS is winning everything. Based on the fact that the Vario is more expensive relative to the same features already mio keteteran how when faced with the Vario Techno CBS.

Knalpot Yoshimura for Yamaha Zuma 125

This is the triangle exhaust Yoshimura TRC type stainless / carbon for the Yamaha Zuma 125, the price of $ 519.95 on the website or equal to 5,337,000 rupiahs, excluding Shipment, tax and customs of course. Yoshimura exhaust this type is suitable when the Pair with the motor scooter.
Happy Testing..

Modif Fairing Honda CBR 150 R

For some people, fairing Honda CBR 150 R that has still not top it. Dissatisfied with the sticker and paint, there are also special fairing CBR 150 R, so that a bit more bloated with two front lights sipit, may be free like a Honda CBR 1000 fireblade in 2007 or a Yamaha R6.

For those who desire a motor such as in photos, please stop by to Zaneta still in Long Street, near the location of the current workshop pro bike Bajaj dealer. Prepare the dough 27 million if you have a Honda CBR 150 R and willing to modify this motorcycle. If you want no-modify wait me and want to buy "xxx" exactly as in the photo, can also, it costs 42 million.

Motor modify expensive this is I see from about 2 months ago, or perhaps longer. IMHO I really to modify CBR 150 R, because the original is good, cleanly, modern and lean! Thus because of the CBR to thin this mini-match in Jakarta was easy because the bottleneck come through Jakarta.

Need to research about the purpose and sufficient expertise and market research of course, whether there is enough market for modif like this?

Suzuki SV650 Sport Bike

suzuki SV650 Engine: Compact 645 cc, 90 degree liquid-cooled V-twin, DOHC 8-valve engine tuned for strong low to mid rpm power. 90 degree V-twin cylinder layout eliminates primary vibration without a counter- balancer, keeping the engine simple and compact. Lightweight chain-driven DOHC, shim-under-bucket valve system with 31 mm intake valves and 25.5 mm exhaust valves. High capacity liquid-cooling system and oil cooler enhance engine performance and durability - coolant routing is integrated with the clutch cover and engine case for a cleaner look and reduced weight. Smooth-shifting 6-speed transmission with vertically staggered transmission shafts for a shorter, more compact crankcase

Modifikasi Kawasaki Ninja 250R

The bicycle of Kawasaki Ninja 250R is famous for its splendid combination of power and output of the fuel. Other devices which make this bicycle a popular toy among the cyclists of experiment is certainly its handling and comfort of light. Kawasaki Ninja 250R can be considered a bicycle of sports of level of entry although it can pass to far for a good bicycle of street as well.

Kawasaki Ninja will be presented like complete-built unit. Bajaj has the stake almost of 30% in KTM. The plans of company to present more bicycles of Austrian manufacturer KTM and larger bicycles like the duke and the rr will be assembled in the local service, therefore they will be strongly accessible.

However, Bajaj will import the Ninja like units of CKD (completely dismantled) of Thailand to save on customs duties. The parallel twin engine of cylinder of DOHC 249cc offering the good centralization of mass and improved handling are the principal culminating points of the new bicycle.

The air camshafts duels make sure that the bicycle offers the low good and semi couple of range. The global design of the bicycle is very well balanced and wind tunnel test. To name Ninja of registered trademark is carried of his/her larger children of same parents. Kawasaki Ninja 250R is equipped with all the desirable configurations which are a precondition to a good making experiment of the bicycle.

Kawasaki Ninja is sure to make good deals with its friendly bottom-of-the-range growl of beginner and an animated precipitation of top-end. Compact dimension, the exceptional value of installation and the label of low price are the factors of attraction of all new Kawasaki Ninja 250R.

Harley-Davidson Street Glide -LHX 2009

Harley-Davidson Street Glide -LHX 2009

2009 slip of Harley-DavidsonStreet - LHXMSRP $18.999
An elegantly purified planer, the slip of street comprises the lowered back suspension, a smoked deflector of mini-wind, and the Tri-line lighting of LED at the bottom of the shock absorber postpones for a bottom, thin profile. A traditional fairing "of wing of beater" holds a advanced audio system 40 by Watts by Harman/Kardon. A console stretched, of chromium of fuel and footboard tank of Streamliner, pedal of braking and ankle of passenger finish customs treatment. The black notched wheels lately cast aluminium restyled of disc are exclusive with the slip of street. New low-assembles the bracket of licence locates the dish below the lamp of tail, with the new illumination of LED.

Harley-Davidson Street Glide -LHX 2009 Picture