Reasonable if 1998 Yamaha Vega made Johny Lipurnomo this motorcycle is the winner as The Best in the Region II event Yamaha Mofest modification Contest II in Bandung, West Java. Soalnya, many home owners do innovation Custom World this modification.

Most striking, drastically changes the form of a duck from the original model to be Transformers. Glance, this modification merely ditopang component variations. But, the challenge for Johny dijajal the extreme, including stoppie.

Another breakthrough, the system Suspensi monoshock with the position of the arm swing to the left. Similarly sokbreker future single. Design under the bar (the top) with a slope angle of 55 degrees. Lower part is in the front fork.

Interestingly again, Johny so the variations in the components as vital components. Try to note, foostep to Jupiter MX135 as swing arm, fork (buffer shock breker front) and standard saddle (middle bar).

Johny consideration, strong foostep underbone not material and thickness more than 8 mm. Hold, and material of aluminum alloy. "It was seen as fleeting. Ketebalannya I have added so strong," said Johny.

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