Bajaj Pulsar 180cc India Bike Sport Modification

Bajaj Pulsar 180cc Sport Modification

Bajaj Pulsar 180cc Modification

Bajaj Pulsar 180cc Data Modification:
Velg | GSX 400 Rim with Tires Rear: 150 front 110
Arm back GSX 400
Home body: Standard Pulsar 180
Tail: GSX1000R Under + Cover + Tail Rear seat cover
Body frame: Standard

Bajaj Pulsar 180cc Picture

Bajaj Pulsar DTSi has a throttle-actuated ignition control system that works together with a chip-controlled digital capacitor discharge ignition system and this gives accurate ignition time under any condition that in turn optimizes the load-bearing capacity of the engine. The dual-spark design accelerates and evens out flame propagation resulting in more efficient combustion and thereby resulting in a greater performance. The newly designed exhaust complies with the EURO 2005 norms. The 180cc engine of Pulsar delivers maximum power of 16.5bhp @ 8000 rpm and a torque of 15.22Nm @6000 rpm. ExhausTEC technology improves torque of the engine. The engine is powered to carry higher loads.

New & Upgraded Bajaj Pulsar 180cc Features:

- Tank Scoops from the Pulsar 200cc
- 37mm fork assembly at the front
- Black theme is applied in the new pulsar 180cc. (From Forks to engine to rear suspension is matted with matte black finish)
- Split Seat and split grab rail for the new pulsar 180cc like its second big brother Pulsar 200cc
- New pulsar 180cc borrows the box section swingarm from its elder sibling pulsar 220cc
- Larger forks at the front and box section swingarm at the rear means more fun for hardcore bikers
- The DTS-i engine (no fuel injection) now generates slightly more power. The power output of new pulsar 180cc is 17.02PS at 8500rpm compared to the earlier 16.5bhp at 8000rpm
- New pulsar 180cc has a wheelbase of 145mm which means 25mm longer than the current one
- Kick lever is thrown out and ignition is only through battery in the new pulsar 180cc
- New pulsar 180cc also gets a new rear sprocket and the O-ring chain
- Clip-on handlebar in the new pulsar 180cc to take on the likes of apache RTR
- New pulsar 180cc gets larger 120 section tyre at the rear which is sure to help your wheelie

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