Yamaha Lagenda Models

The Yamaha Lagenda series contains 4 models:

  1. SR Lagenda 100cc - (also known as Lagenda First Model, discontinued) The SR Lagenda is the first model of the Lagenda series. Launched by a Japanese motorcycle racer Norifumi Abe, it was built as the successor of the Yamaha SRX 100.
  2. Lagenda 110cc - (discontinued, replaced by Lagenda Z) The Lagenda 110cc was simply the SR Lagenda with increased engine displacement. However, a few changes have been to the model, such as a more rigid chassis with slightly longer wheelbase and a more straight inlet tract from the carburetor to the inlet manifold, reducing the "puddling" effect. In motor sports, the Lagenda 110 has gained a very good reputation as a racing machine because the bike had won almost all podium position for every rounds during the Malaysian Cub Prix.[citation needed]
  3. Lagenda Z 110cc - (produced till now) The Lagenda Z is the facelifted version of the Lagenda 110cc and started production since 2005. The model is facelifted in January 2008, returning the former "Lagenda" logo from the Lagenda 110. The 2008 model is equipped with a key slot cover for better protection against theft.
  4. Lagenda ZR 110cc - (produced till now) A modified version of the Lagenda Z for those who prefer more sporty features. Prominent features include sport rims, electric starter, and the rear absorbers have extra oil canisters for a smoother ride on uneven roads. This model is only available in blue and has the exact same engine specification as the Lagenda Z.

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