Yamaha XJ6

Yamaha showing the great motorcycle. The Yamaha XJ6, motor has very strong views. Which makes it appear strong is the absence of a fairing to cover the engine. According to the official statement Yamaha, the engine is paired with 600 cc four-cylinder DOHC. Energy generated is estimated to reach 57 kW (78 PS) at 10,000 rpm lap. Maximum torsion could reach 59.7 Nm at 8,500 rpm. Power of that flowed through six levels of speed.

In order to meet emissions standards in developed countries, Yamaha XJ6 system has been using the fuel injection. To compensate for the weight of 205 kg motor seberat, XJ6 use of steel frame.

It is strange, considering the latest motor sport at least at this time is to use the framework of aluminum or magnesium. XJ6 front tire size of 120/70 ZR17, while the rear 160/60 ZR17.

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