The modification of the Motor with the Moge Waste

Modified the motor, evidently only did not increase him with the addition of the new ornament. The waste of the big motor (moge) then could be used to beautify the motor. Rudi, owner owing to Motor shared tips for you who were interested 'combining the' waste' moge with the pet motor. The "waste moge that was meant, like the application" of the "rim, the tyre, foot-foot apart from the rim, for example the disc, the brake, swing arm and shock breaker him,"

Moge, that was known as the motor berbody big, his waste not only could be used to modify the motor like Honda Tiger, Yamaha Scorpio, Kawasaki Ninja and the like. from The "duck motor also could, will remain later at us adjust there here, that was appropriate gimana," added he. Wastes moge that immediately was imported from Singapore, Australia and the United States. At this time, continued Rudi, the price of the waste moge was experiencing the rise as far as 30 percent. How many fees that were needed to modify the motor with the waste moge? It was "minimal that Rp 11 million, to foot-foot him then." If spec him was again higher, yes his price was again expensive, he said.

Tips from Rudi for that wanted to modify the motor with the waste moge, firstly, knew the current that was wanted. For example, sport, sport touring, chopper or classic. Secondly, after knowing the current, adapted with the budget and the pocket that were prepared by you. Further, hand over to the modifier that will conjure up tampilan your motor. "The main thing is, knew the current, his budget how many we (the modifier) knew, later we that will adapt," said Rudi.

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