SUZUKI THUNDER Modified Picture

SUZUKI THUNDER Engine, Muffler, and Rims View

SUZUKI THUNDER Modification Detail:

1. Home lights, Fog lights used Toyota Avanza.
2. Lights sein, replica CBR 600 cc.
3. back Lights, use the Jupiter MX.
4. Sparboard future, the variations (latest release).
5. Disk Brake front rim Rochell default.
6. velg|Rims ring width of 17 ", brand Rochell.
7. Disk Brake Rear AFM large diameter.
8. Kaliper back 1 piston Brembo front kaliper & original gift Thunder.
9. Nissin rear brake master,
10. Iss Monoshock with a special system for motor unitrack trial / trail.
11. Material Costom fuel tank
12. Costom exhaust Abenx have (model termighoni / Moto GP)
13. Arm swing, have a genuine Tigi
14. Horn costum.

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