Honda Beat Modification

The owners want a Honda Beat this increased quality of the assets with the motor does not change the basic look of the Honda motor Beatnya. therefore we try to provide all the desired request by the motor. Sector in the renovation sector, among others, focused foot foot, braking systems, fuel supply system, ignition system, and exhaust. Rubahan the first installation disc is set back to use the product in combination with the SRK of the original disc supra, and the replacement of the brake hose hel. Then proceed with the Master, and kaliper Cakram Kitaco front of the motor mengkanibal mio. Because the planning has to membore capacity up to 130 cc engine, then do pembenahan to use the CDI ignition system Brt I-Max, Koil YZ 125, and USB plug Max speed 9mm, and the fuel supply sector in Sudco replace with Mikuni TM 24 mm. shock front of the next tube was replaced with brand Kawahara gold so senada with body color of this Honda Beat. It is still not happy with the Kitaco Shock Breaker with stelan per, and rebound, then shortly before the motor is taken by the owner of a Honda Beat dipersenjatai this with the Shock back breaker of the type G Kitaco II-P300-150LB/BK that caste is the most family of high shock breaker motor matic Kitaco. Shock breaker is already equipped with the violence per, rebound, and compression of the gas in the tube. because of sudden changes are sorry the image is still a shock to its image the old shock. After that is done the stabilizer to improve stability of the Honda Beat When this change occurred in the engine sector. Do not forget the past to modify the sector with the disposal standards Knalpot with Yoshimura Carbon thailand. How, True true Honda Beat the quality is not ideal factory?

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