Harley-Davidson V-Rod Turbo

Get that Big CC Racing turbo for your 'Rod, and you'll be playing with 170bhp...

Want a bit more power from your Harley V-Rod? Big CC Racing will be happy to bolt a turbocharger on to your ’Rod so you have close to 170bhp to play with. According to the Big CC website, the Harley-Davidson V-Rod turbo system – a full race roller bearing turbocharger – uses a remote wastegate rather than an internal one and is designed for maximizing power potential.’

The system sports a GT28/71 Race roller bearing turbocharger with a 4-inch shroud and 55mm inducer on the turbine inlet. A 38mm Tial wastegate is used, for precise boost control. Fast respooling and turbo stall avoidance is via the 50mm Tial Dump valve. And yes, Big CC Racing claim that their V-Rod Race Turbo system is hundred-percent road usable.

At low boost, on a standard Harley V-Rod engine, Big CC say their turbo system is capable of delivering around 170bhp, with a controlled, linear power delivery that’s relatively easy to get accustomed to. With the right internal engine modifications, the company says the V-Rod Turbo will make as much as 300 horsepower. ‘This kit is not a toy,’ say Big CC. We’re sure it isn’t…

source : www.fasterandfaster.net

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